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Women's Leggings

There’s a reason why our women’s leggings are bestsellers. For starters, we design them to move with you, never against you, with technical fabrics that look and feel good—whether you’re running, practising yoga, or simply relaxing at home. The question is, how do you want to feel? Supported and weightless through every stride, that next-to-nothing sensation on the mat, or maybe it’s feeling the burn and not your sweat when repping it out at the gym. Our high-performance collection has however you choose to move covered, as well as joggers and other bottoms, different leg lengths, and the latest prints and colours. It’s time to take your workout wardrobe to the next level.

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Women's Leggings

When you feel your best, you perform your best—and that’s the sensation you get every time you wear a pair of our leggings. Whether you’re a marathon runner, an avid gym-goer, beginner yogi, or a creature of comfort that loves to wind down on the sofa, our technical gear is designed to support you in every sport and activity. Look out for varying lengths (cropped, 7/8, and full length), as well as different rises (from low to super high-rise) so you can find your perfect fit based on how you like to move.

Behind the seams: our fabrics and technology

Every pair of leggings is made with your best feeling in mind. We know that when you’re practising yoga, you need limited distractions. Cue our infamous, buttery-soft Nulu™ fabric with minimal seams, engineered stretch, and sweat-wicking properties so you can simply tune into your breath, and go with the flow.

Runners will love our Nulux™ fabric, designed to support you through every stride with total comfort and ease. It’s lightweight and breathable to give you that next-to-nothing feeling, and features sweat-wicking technology for ultimate focus and endurance on your run. If you’re planning an intense HIIT session at the gym, our fastest-drying Everlux™ fabric is made for training hard, not hot, and works to support your muscles with every rep.

For even more information on our fabrics and technology, read our guide here.

High-performance features

Our women’s leggings include technical features that mean you can work out without thinking twice about your gear. From smart pockets that safely store your essentials, to minimal seams and waistband drawcords to hold your leggings in place—we want you to experience ultimate performance with minimum distraction.

How to choose the right leggings for you

Every pair of our technical leggings is designed for a specific purpose, which is why we suggest wearing styles based on your preferred type of movement for the best experience. For example, our iconic Align™ yoga leggings are ideal for flowing seamlessly on your mat, but they won’t give you the same support on a run as our Fast and Free or Base Pace collections. Likewise, if you’re into cardio or lifting weights in the gym, the Wunder Train and Invigorate Tights offer maximum stretch and quick-drying properties. Our women’s bottoms guide has even more information to ensure you choose the right pair for you.