Together We Move is about committing to 2024 as your best year yet—with the help of your community by your side. Because alone we go far, but together we go further.

The Ambassadors behind Together We Move.



Justin Knussi.

Justin is an experienced and highly educated coach across all aspect of health, fitness, and nutrition.

Justin believes that by focusing on four pillars; movement, longevity, strength, and wellbeing, we’re able to achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle that lasts.



Sanchia Legister.

Sanchia shows up in the world as a yoga teacher, runner, energy giver, and space holder.

Her hope is to bring more people into yoga and help them find freedom, space, and inner badass.



Dr. Hazel Wallace.

New to the crew, Dr Hazel Wallace is a Medical Doctor, Registered Associate Nutritionist, personal trainer, author and founder of The Food Medic—a platform that encourages you to be the fittest and healthiest version of yourself, to start living life to the fullest.



Jake Williamson.

Jake is a multi-sport athlete and personal trainer, who was recently crowned Hyrox World Record Holder 2023 in his age category.

After coming out as gay and experiencing first-hand how difficult the process was, he wants to encourage more people to be their true authentic selves—because everyone has the right to feel accepted.